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The Eole Water

Construction Innovations brings EoleWater exclusively to Greece and Cyprus.
EoleWater implanted in the South of France, the company is the world leader in the field of water production systems energised by wind.
This new idea provides an innovative solution of natural water production based on air condensation.

Earth atmosphere is full of humidity. It is a very important capacity of natural water: 13000km3. Eole Water only use wind power to liquefy the air steam. Humidity is sucked up and then condensate to make finally Water. A phenomenon equivalent to rain is created inside the wind turbine without CO2 emissions, because wind is the only resource.
Eole Water is using the most advanced technologies to optimise the performances of its products. Every device is tested before delivery and has to pass a quality control program. Our wind turbines are designed to produce water for more than 15 years and are fully recyclable.

The mobile WATER MAKER SYSTEM can be located in the most isolated areas, and can provide water energy to populations in need.
Water is an essential commodity for life. Until now, many people have no access to drinking water. Construction Innovations enables you to generate your own, while generating electricity

The Solyndra, Inc.

Solyndra, the producer of innovative cylindrical photovoltaic systems for commercial roofs, announced a new long-term agreement with Alwitra GmbH & Co., which is the leader company of high-tech roof system supply and is based in Trier, Germany.
The solar panels will be manufactured at Solyndra's facilities in Frimont and Milpitas, at California.

Solyndra's cylindrical photovoltaic thin film is designed to generate more electricity than the typical systems with reflective membrane roof, while requiring lower installation costs.
Forty years ago, Alwitra was the pioneer in producing low reflectance EVA film roof.
Alwitra has placed the famed roof systems in more than 140 million square meters in the world.

Our customers demand always the best, so this solution is a combination of innovative solar Solyndra systems with our tested roof membrane EVALON®. Solyndra is the best system concerning energy production at the roof and the installation cost and is based on 10 years of success in our solar EVALON® systems. We look forward to our cooperation with Solyndra to exploit the huge opportunity presented by this cooperative relationship, "says Joachim Gussner, President of Alwitra.

The Silcio - Photovoltaic systems.


Based on German technology and knowledge Silcio has invested more than €160.000.000 in building a state of the art production unit in Greece. Silcio produces photovoltaic cells and panels using high purity silicon raw material. Continuous quality control tests guarantee high efficiency products.

An investment for the environment.
An investment for the future.


SILCIO SA is a Greek company specialized in the production of polycrystalline silicon wafers, PV cells and PV modules. The company was founded in 2005, and in spring 2009 its Patras, Greece plant started production, just 11 months following foundation.

SILCIO S.A. is located in the Industrial Area of Patras, the 3rd largest Greek city and the main Greek export port to Western Europe.

SILCIO S.A.'s PV modules are characterized by:

1. High quality due to automated process and very strict quality checks.
2. High end efficiency range.
3. Low reflectivity.
4. Very low power thermal coefficient.
5. Ventilated junction-box.
6. Embedded tamper-free diodes.
7. Tape sealed - increased weathering resistance.
8. Extra strong glass - increased hail and fatigue resistance.
9. Beautiful blue mat colour.


Our production facility is the vivid proof of our commitment to the environmental issues. It is very important to mention that:

- The liquid waste and gas abatement systems are amongst the most advanced installed in Greece.

- The slurry from the wafer production line is processed and recycled at specialized plants abroad.

- PV installations will supply electricity to partially cover power requirements

The mamalos - Hi-End products

Η “mamalos” είναι μια βιοτεχνία που ειδικεύεται στο σχεδιασμό και την παραγωγή ειδικών προϊόντων ήχου τα οποία σχεδιάζονται, αναπτύσσονται και κατασκευάζονται στην Ελλάδα.
Μας ενδιαφέρουν οι εικόνες και τα συναισθήματα που γεννιούνται στην ψυχή σας όταν ακούτε μουσική.
Στόχος μας είναι να σας συνοδεύουμε κατά τη διάρκεια των μουσικών σας περιπλανήσεων και να σας κάνουμε να απολαμβάνετε την αγαπημένη σας μουσική ξανά και ξανά, χρησιμοποιώντας την υψηλής ποιότητας σειρά των προϊόντων μας.
Το πρόγραμμα μας δίνει νόημα στην προσπάθεια αυτή εξερευνώντας νέους ορίζοντες σχεδιασμού και ανάπτυξης, που βασίζονται στο πάθος και την εμπειρία μας.

"Αφήστε την μουσική σας να αναπνεύσει..."

Mamalos is an industry specializing and dedicated in the design and manufacture of audio products developed and engineered in Greece.
We are interested in the kind of emotions that arise in our little souls when listening to music.
Our aim is to accompany you during your musical voyages and make you listen to your music over and over using our high quality range of products.
Our programme gives meaning to that effort exploring new areas of design based on passion and experience.

"Let your music breath…"

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